Most of us have been on a treadmill, maybe you have experienced the "burn" when the treadmill is a max speed and max incline? Now imagine running up a giant 15' long treadmill at a 27 degree incline.......welcome to Adrenalator.™ Adrenalator™ will get your heart racing and the adrenaline coursing through your body. Adrenalator™ is a brand new experience like nothing you have seen or tried before. Adrenalator™ is available as a dual or single belt system, it is trailer mounted so it can anywhere or can be installed in a static permanent location such as a Family Entertainment Center, Theme park, Trampoline park or any visitor attraction center. Safety, Adrenalator™ has a specially designed sprung, impact absorbing subfloor below the belts to protect the participants if they fall. Two operatives are equipped with a hand held control device which as an Emergency-Stop button, one operator is positioned at the bottom next to the entry ramp and the other at the top on the exit platform. Either of the operators are able to instantly stop the ride should the need arise. The two inflatable exit slides ensure that the participants safely exit the game. Adrenalator™ can be enjoyed by anyone over 42" (107cm) tall, this means all the family can participate. Kids versus parents, who will be first to the top?


Our patented protective sprung cushioned Adrenalator™ belts provide a soft landing.


With variable speeds Adrenalator™ is suitable for all ages.


Recreate your favorite action adventure TV shows.


Race your friends to see who can run the fastest & make it to the top first


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Single Lane Adrenalator™

  • Max width 58″  |  Max length of trailer: 27′ 6″  |  Max height of trailer: 7′ 8″  |  Total towing weight: 3500 lbs
Dual Lane Adrenalator™
  • Max width 8′ 6″  |  Max length of trailer: 27′ 6″  |  Max height of trailer: 7′ 8″  |  Maximum towing weight: 5400 lbs

Two 42″ x 15′ Adrenalator™ belts with centre safety walkway. Each belt is powered by a 3 HP drum motor. The speed of the motors are variable and can be controlled by the operator’s hand control unit.The Adrenalator™ has a specially designed sprung impact absorbing subfloor below the belts to protect the participants if they fall.

  • The two inflatable slides are permanently attached to the Adrenalator™ frame, they are stored on top of the Adrenalator™ belts when not in use.
  • The trailer comes with a detachable road cover to protect the slides and the belts.
  • The Adrenalator™ comes complete with an onboard generator but can also be plugged directly into two 20 amp 120 volt supplies.
  • The Adrenalator™ requires two operators, one at the bottom and one at the top of the platform, both operators have a hand held control unit. The control unit for the bottom operator has a start/stop button an emergency E-Stop button and a speed control dial. The unit for the operator at the top just has a start/stop button and an emergency E-Stop button, no speed dial. Only the operator situated at the bottom of the ride can control the speed.
  • Setup time is 30 minutes
  • Minimum user height 42″

Platform height 9′
Footprint 30′ x 20′ x max height of the slides 16′ (The footprint may increase if crow control fencing is used)
We can produce the Adrenalator™ in your custom colours, we can even custom print the conveyor belts.